Introduction to the Jiyo Store

    “With sincerity, for a long time, slowly”

    Jiyo Store, which provides 100% domestic natural food, makes red pepper paste
    with Park Jae-young Fermentation House's medicinal herb fermented grain syrup.
    Jiyo Store's pickled vegetables are made by mixing mountain deodeok
    and plums with the aged red pepper paste and aging them for a long time.

    Find out about the Park Jae-young Fermentation House

Fermented Food Master No. 2022-Myeongin-0033
Korea's Healing Food Master No. 2022-Siglyo-013

Safe food made with
no coloring and no preservatives

Meticulously produced at state of the
art facilities through the hygienic manufacturing process

The product is contained in a glass bottle,
not plastic, so it can be stored hygienically


Our partner companies

We are waiting for our partners who will develop together with Jiyo Store.